Passgen is a clean and tidy, random password generator created with primarily simplicity and minimalism in mind. It seeds from /dev/random by default, however /dev/urandom can be selected if security isn’t such a concern and speed is.

For source code, check out the latest on GitHub or the latest stable tarball. If you’re using Archlinux, the recommended method would be passgen on the AUR.

Example usage

Passgen is a command line tool to generate a secure password by means of selecting random characters from a default or user-defined character pool. The length of the password can be set by the user on the command line. Here are some example uses:

$ passgen    # Default length (8)

$ passgen 10 # 10 characters long

$ passgen 16 # 16 characters long

$ passgen 30 # 30 characters long

Custom pool example

$ passgen 4 0123456789 # 4-digit pin
$ passgen 8 0123456789 # 8-digit pin